Latzschürze LUIS und Weste ERICH im Degust

A gastronomic avant-garde experience

The Degust is not just a store, but a studio dedicated to cheese and everything related to it. An avant-garde gastronomic experience, driven by professionalism and passion. The mission of Degust is the rediscovery, selection and refinement of niche products of small cheesemakers, distinguished by the highest quality and excellent organoleptic characteristics.

The team fashion for the “House of Cheese” should be a perfect companion, create a harmonious whole from the exquisite products and workwear. The choice fell on the classic design of the bib pinafore LUIS and the vest ERICH in the color khaki. Both models embody the cool, relaxed atmosphere of Degust and are made of medium-weight cotton canvas. The bib pinafore has a flattering hem length. The height-adjustable ties enhance the appealing look. As a highlight, a golden cheese has been lovingly embroidered on the bib pinafore.

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