“We know the feeling when you don’t know what to wear so that you’re dressed appropriately for your job. We solve that challenge for your team with individual styling solutions.”

Sina Thomaseth – Founder of THOMASETH GmbH


Fashion for new ideas

THOMASETH Team Fashion

THOMASETH team fashion is created for communication and creativity, for openness and new ideas while working, cooking, enjoying, relaxing and hosting. The little details make our team fashion so unique and special — details with subtle elegance. Choosing THOMASETH means choosing superior quality paired with minimalist charm. Discreet and unobtrusive, carried by personalities with charisma.


THOMASETH team fashion is where modern working methods meet traditional craftsmanship. The art of hospitality workwear consists of colors, shapes and materials suiting perfectly to your business, environment and activities.

Our work philosophy

The special something

THOMASETH is different because cooperation with us is based on honesty. Partnership takes place at eye-level. In our opinion, something special can only be created if you work hard for it. Therefore, we are happy to maintain a special relationship with our partners.


We think things through Give honest feedback. Share new ideas. Are consistent in our actions. We see ourselves as listener and enabler — an attitude that sets us apart from many other workwear suppliers. Our seven core values determine what we do: kindness, empathy, generosity, humility, integrity, honesty and innovation.


Our team fashion emphasizes the setting for special moments in familiar places. Common moments with the team. Where vitality, creativity and know-how unleash a special energy.

Who we are

The personalities behind THOMASETH


THOMASETH was founded in Nuremberg in 2014 by Sina Thomaseth, who discovered her fascination with high-class fashion in childhood. Influenced by genuine convictions and sustainable dreams, she found her first fulfillment as a lady’s tailor and in high-fashion sale until she founded THOMASETH. In the meantime, she is supported in her work by a team.


Sina’s trademark is her signature style with clean lines and refined, easy-care fabrics. This differentiation promoted THOMASETH into a niche on the market that did not yet exist for all sectors of the hospitality industry. Season after season, the label proves that it represents reorderable individuality and timeless minimalism at its best — thanks to the flexible modular system from size XS to 7XL.

The founder

Sina Thomaseth

Sina Thomaseth is the founder of the fashion label THOMASETH. Born in Nuremberg, studied in Berlin. During a train journey from the German capital to South Tyrol she developed the idea of a “fashion drink event”. At this pop-up event, guests could experience Sina’s collections live and order while sipping an aperitif. This was when the idea of “THOMASETH Fashion” was brought to life.


In 2014 the first idea was developed further: Sina visited the hoteliers Carmen & Klaus in their MIRAMONTI Boutique Hotel above Merano, which resulted in the first collection for individual workwear. This was the starting point for one of the most innovative companies in the hospitality fashion sector, offering collections from a single source. THOMASETH now employs almost 50 people in Europe.


Sina regularly meets up with some of the most influential hosts in Europe and always embarks on a curiosity-driven journey to uncover unspoken truths, unlearned lessons and important insights. Her goal is to make the lives of hosts and staff more enjoyable, successful and fulfilling.


As a designer, founder, CEO and visionary, Sina is particularly focused on supporting a new generation of entrepreneurs and creative hosts with new ways of thinking. She wants to revolutionize and inspire the integration of guests and employees.


“Self-knowledge means realizing that there is no opponent — you are fighting against yourself.”

Sina Thomaseth Founder of THOMASETH GmbH


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The Team


Our extended team consists of tailors, cutters, communication talents, styling consultants, photographers, manufactory owners, dyers, logisticians, printers, altruists, factotums, philosophers, visionaries and doers.


What they all have in common is that our seven core values of kindness, empathy, generosity, humility, integrity, honesty and innovation are as important to them as they are to the founder herself.

who we are looking for

We search for your personality

Our values

Sustainability and easy-care fabrics

An overarching vision shapes the corporate culture at THOMASETH. The collections are “made-to-order”. That means we produce in manufactory quality with respect for the environment in Europe and deliver “on demand” after customer order. This is much more sustainable compared to the unfortunately prevailing fast fashion industry.


In the development of easy-care fabrics, in order to reduce water, energy and chemical consumption as well as waste and CO2 emissions, we develop our own processes to meet our responsibility to the environment.


We attach the highest importance to quality. All our fabrics are OEKO-TEX-STANDARD 100 certified for a comfortable skin climate. Re-orders of individual styling solutions are also available on a long-term basis. The garments are easy to clean, hang and wear without ironing.



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