Simply balanced. Stay Jigi.


JIGI POKE is known for making the best bowl.

On Rosenthaler Straße, Berlin-based Vaust Studio designed a poke bar. Inspired by a 1907 photograph of a Hawaiian fisherman sitting on a stone, barely clothed, the entire interior was meant to evoke the simplicity of that moment. “We value the intimacy, balance and honesty of this situation”, explain the young designers at Vaust Studio. And the ordering system in the new Poke Bar is also well thought out: guests place their order at the shimmering counter and then take a seat until the Poke Bowl is ready. “This avoids unnecessary crowding and waiting situations”, says Vaust Studio.


Handcrafted in Portugal, the “JIGI” set by THOMASETH is made of super easy-care, high-quality tech fabric and consists of nine looks for reception desk, service, room maid and beauty. The monochromatic looks embody the cool, relaxed, sleek atmosphere of JIGI POKE. Allowing employees to feel a sense of belonging and well-being while on the job.


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